Raising Children Takes a Village

Our programs and methodology is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach; an inspiring, inclusive, village-style approach that engages children, parents and the community as equally essential components in the learning process.

As learning partners, our talented teachers observe and record what challenges and intrigues each child, to reflect on developmentally appropriate ways to help children expand their academic and social potential. Together, we engage in long-term projects in and outside of the classroom to connect core academic areas and cement community relationships.


Nutritious and Delicious

Meal time is a joy here. We instil a healthy relationship with food, starting with healthy eating routines, and enjoying a rainbow of culturally diverse meals, freshly prepared onsite in our five-star kitchens. Together we enjoy the whole sensory experience of food, from the smell of freshly baked bread, to growing herbs in our student-run gardens, to getting a little messy just for the fun of it.

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Wide-eyed wonder. Delighted giggles. Deep fascination

Bring your little one in for a tour and have a play together! Let’s arrange a playdate at your nearest Little Lane early learning centre.