Little Learners are Big Eaters!

About Our Nutrition

Nutritious and Delicious

As a parent, you’ve undoubtedly experienced fussy eating at meal time. Our skilled chefs find creative and yummy ways of introducing wholefoods and veggies into well-balanced meals that deliver around 75% of your child’s daily dietary requirements. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that each and every dish prepared in our five-star kitchen meets the nutritional guidelines set by Nutrition Australia.

Tastes like home.

Our delicious seasonal menus serve up homestyle favourites from a rainbow of cultures, so everybody gets to enjoy the taste of home. Familiar foods are just one way we create a seamless and comforting transition from home. The scrumptious menus rotate over a four-week cycle, and change seasonally. To see a sample menu of tasty treats on offer, visit your local centre page.

What can you expect from our daily meal menu?

Sample Menu:

Breakfast: Rice bubbles/cornflakes/weet-bix served with milk

Morning tea: Rainbow fruit platter served with coconut yoghurt

Lunch: Moroccan spiced lamb served with sweet potato served on brown rice (Vegetarian meal option is available at all times)

Afternoon tea: Pumpkin and beetroot mini muffins and fresh fruit

Late Snack: Assorted rice crackers with veggies sticks served with avocado spread and eggplant dip

What we believe

Research shows a healthy, balanced diet has a significant impact on the way that children learn and develop within the early years. We ensure our little learners are firing on all cylinders by offering them yummy meals jam-packed with nutritious goodies. Guided by the Australian Dietary Guidelines, our in-house chefs lovingly prepare hearty menus to incorporate a wide variety of proteins, vegetables, dairy, carbohydrates, fruits and essential fats. We also begin a healthy schedule of eating that forms the foundations of lifelong relationships with food.

They say, ‘food under one is just for fun!’ It’s a time for discovering new flavours and textures, trying new flavours, squishing pumpkin between your fingers, rolling meatballs around and squelching blueberries. When you let us know that your baby is ready to begin transitioning from milk to solids, we’ll begin an ‘Introduction to Solids’ program, where they will discover a whole new world of healthy foods. In the safety of our mess-friendly eating area, they can joyfully play, swish and squelch until their heart’s content.

Special Dietary Requirements: Cultural Beliefs

Our family of little learners is made up of a beautiful rainbow of cultures, some of which have cultural or religious dietary restrictions. Please kindly inform us upon enrolment of any cultural and religious beliefs that may affect your child’s diet, and our chefs will lovingly accommodate.

Where any foods are removed, a suitable substitute will be negotiated to ensure their daily dietary requirements are being met.

Special Dietary Requirements: Allergies 

You can rest easy knowing our expert chefs have a thorough system for preparing and serving all allergen-friendly meals. Each kitchen keeps a record of all dietary profiles, allergies, and what to do in the extremely unlikely incidence of allergen exposure. Each meal is specially prepared, packaged in a personal lunchbox, labelled with their name and delivered directly to them at their dining table, and signed for by the classroom supervisor. No confusion, no cross-contamination, no worries.

Please note, our chefs do not eliminate any foods from a child’s diet without a specified medical reason in writing from a medical practitioner. We will work together to replace with a suitable substitute to ensure all children are receiving their daily dietary requirements.

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