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Health & Safety


Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

As an early childhood education and care provider, we care for the little people who need the best start in life. That means providing a fun, friendly, caring and, above all, safe environment as our highest priority.

Little Lane pride ourselves on our high health and safety standards and our underpinning policies and procedures which are guided by the National Quality Standards and governing regulatory bodies in each state. We aim to go above and beyond compliance with all relevant legislation and provide a safe and secure environment.

Everyday our Little Lane centres are kept neat and tidy by our in-house cleaners. These cleaners work with the educators and auxiliary staff to ensure the services shine bright and are ready for a day of Fun! Where possible, cleaning products that are used are environmentally friendly, fragrance free, food safe and filled with plant extracts. This means surfaces are safe for little hands!

Stay Healthy

It’s not uncommon for children to get sick once they get their little steps out of home especially into a educational setting like a childcare or playgroup. Instead, you will surprisingly find out how easy and fast they can catch viruses and germs and knock everyone down around them.

Children are at a high risk of transmitting infectious diseases because of the lack of previous exposure to common infections, mouthing behaviour in young children and the lack of control of body secretions such as going to the toilet or dribbling. In fact, not only children are so easily attacked by illnesses but also adults being the close contact with our young children. It therefore is crucial for families and educators to follow the relevant health and safety policy and procedures, and maintain effective communication in between for protecting our fellow families, workers and vulnerable children.

For more information regarding infections and exclusion periods, please follow the link here :https://www.health.vic.gov.au/infectious-diseases/school-exclusion-table

For more information regarding fact sheets of children common infectious diseases, please follow the link as below : https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/sites/default/files/documents/attachments/ch55-staying-healthy.pdf



Little Lane is responsible to maintain a duty of care to all educators, staff, children, families and visitors to the Service to ensure safety is maintained and risk of harm is minimised. To avoid and reduce exposure to hazards, it is important to safely maintain all buildings, equipment, resources and grounds and to identify potential hazards and take action to either eliminate or control the risks.

Regular check lists and maintenance occurs within Little Lane Early Learning Centre’s buildings, equipment and grounds to minimise the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to hazardous substances.

Educators and auxiliary staff are to continually monitor the environment and equipment throughout the day for any new hazards, concerns, risks or issues. Any hazards are reported so that they are able to be actioned soon as possible.

Food Safety:

Kitchen audits are completed regularly including both internal and external audits. Our onsite Kitchens have their own cleaning procedures which our Chef’s adhere to daily as well as specific opening and closing procedures to ensure the kitchen is kept neat and tidy and free of mess!  All food that is served on the premises is prepared by our qualified onsite chef and served by our educators that have undergone food safety training.


Sun Safety

Sun protection at your childcare service is extremely important to prevent your child being exposed to sunburn, skin and eye damage and even potentially skin cancer. In Little Lane, all educators have a duty of care to protect our children from any harm including UV by adopting a combination of sun protection measures as well as the intentional teaching and role modelling. For more information about sun safety steps, please check the link as below:


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