Why Choose Little Lane

Little Lane Early Learning is a proudly family-owned early childhood education and care service, aiming at only offering the high-quality learning and caring experience to our children and families. Inspired by Reggio Emelia approach, all our programs are deliberately designed and well delivered by our skilled and qualified educators and teachers, while focusing on the holistic development of each child in a safe, inclusive and engaging environment. And there are so much more you can expect your children benefiting from our service:

  • Music program specifically designed for children aged 0-5 years old, delivered weekly by a Kodaly trained teacher.
  • Creative Art program ,with an in-house Atelier art teacher for children aged 0-5 years old. 
  • Language immersion program through our qualified in-house Mandarin teacher, which is tailored to link with the play-based daily classroom program. 
  • A Variety of extra-curricular activities taught by qualified and experienced coaches. (Classes including soccer, public speaking, tennis, ballet, are subject to individual centres)
  • ICT and Digital Resources, let you track your children’s routines, centre events and programs throughout the day easily.
  • Meals, Nappies, Tissues, Wipes, Hats all provided for children at all ages. 
  • Funded kindy program available for 3- and 4-year-old children at no cost. 
  • Purposefully-built and spacious building with adequate learning-stimulating and age -appropriate equipment and resources. 

Welcome to Little Lane Hawthorn, our flagship early learning centre.

Extending over four colourful storeys, our first custom-designed centre was lovingly crafted to captivate and delight young minds. From the student-led gardens to the Atelier, it’s a truly special home away from home.

No two weeks are ever quite the same here, with ever-changing layouts, play equipment and exciting new projects. We’re also heavily involved in our local community, and you can often spot us out and about on excursions, spreading joy around the Hawthorn area. As a result, all of our kindergarteners graduate with a stronger sense of self, and a more confident feeling of belonging within their community.

One of our favourite rooms is the atelier, led by the artist in residence — so prepare your fridge for lots of gorgeous artwork! Our boys and girls also enjoy a purpose-built music room, dance studio and library, as well as light-filled classrooms and outdoor playspaces.

We’re very lucky to have some of Victoria’s best early childhood educators, who expertly engage and guide children to explore and extend their interests. One third of our little learners graduate to primary school already reading and writing!

We warmly welcome you to organise a play date at Little Lane Hawthorn, and look forward to meeting your family!

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