To Our New Families:

As we experienced with each of our five girls, the first day at child care or kinder can be a big, emotional day for both child and parents! We encourage all newbies to attend a one-hour Orientation Day with their parent/s, because there is quite a lot to take in. We’ve lovingly designed all our centres to be extremely inviting, engaging and fun — but any new environment can feel a little overwhelming when you’re little.

As parents, you can help make the orientation experience go smoothly, and we value this opportunity to learn more about your child, what they enjoy and how they learn. As your child’s first teacher, we warmly encourage you as the parent to guide your child’s first official day at Little Lane. Please feel free to join us for up to five Orientation sessions as your little one gets used to their new surroundings as this program is particularly designed for supporting the transitioning process, allowing children to participate in activities casually as well as guardians to understand the routines, get questions answered and interact with the educators.


Need a hand covering the costs of early childhood education? The Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a means and activity tested payment provided by the Australian Government to assist families with the cost of Early Childhood Education and Care fees, and achieve a vision where ‘all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life’.

Little Lane Early Learning Centres are a CCS approved service, so as an enrolled family you will be eligible to claim the payment, which will vary depending on your personal circumstance.

Basic eligibility requirements include:
  • Your child must be 13 years or under, and not attending secondary school.
  • Yourself or your partner meets the residency requirements.
  • The child meets immunisation requirements.
  • You are liable to pay for care provided, the care must be delivered in Australia by an approved child care provider, and not be part of a compulsory education program.
  • Learn more about the CCS here at the Services Australia website. 

Tips For The First Day

No matter how excited the little one can be before leaving the house, once you reach to the site and drop them off, it could still turn to a massive meltdown situation which can be challenging for both children and parents.

It’s certainly not uncommon for young children to experience this hard moment and even separation anxiety as their self emotional regulation and cognition stage are still developing which makes it particular hard for them to settle and adapt into a new and changing environment. This type of anxiety usually starts at about six to eight months of age and lasts until about two and a half to four years of age, sometimes even longer. To support our children and also to reassure our families, here are some tips for you on the first day:

  • Share with your educators what will sooth your children when they are upset like things you are doing at home to cheer the kids up or any activities can easily intrigue/distract them.
  • Set up a routine before drop-off and explain to your children what will happen. Their emotion relies hugely on consistency.
  • Make the drop-off short. It’s always welcoming for guardians to stay and play a little but the longer you hang around, the worse the situation would be.
  • Stay calm and positive. As children sense energy and emotions from adults around them, our calmness can surely set a helpful role model for them.
  • Bring something special or reminding children of home.

To learn more about assisting children with separation anxiety, click on the button here:

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