Glen Iris families - we've been working hard to build you a dreamy, multi-level, early learning oasis... and it's almost ready!

Join us from Term 3 in 2024, in a supported self-determined environment, where your little learner will get a head start on the things that make their heart sing!

The centre sought to set itself apart from the stereo typical suburban typology of a child care centre. Childcare centres have typically been represented by a single storey-built form setback from the street by an open carpark and play structures. As such, the development utilises the unique opportunity a corner site has to offer and makes a clear statement as a multi-storey childcare facility.The highly articulated façade that layers screened elements and greenery not only creates visual interest from the street, but also enables an acoustic and privacy buffer for facility occupants.

The sinuous nature of the overall design removes hard edges and encourages a continuous interpretation of space.A void through the centre of the facility facing north allows natural light and ventilation to penetrate deep into all classrooms to ensure a comfortable environment is maintained. A spiral ramp wraps around the central void as both a means of access and a play structure to allow children the opportunity to experience dynamic play through the vertical realm.These features in combination enable the outdoor room to be perceived as a continuous, unified realm.

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Why Choose Little Lane

Little Lane Early Learning is a proudly family-owned early childhood education and care service, aiming at only offering the high-quality learning and caring experience to our children and families. Inspired by Reggio Emelia approach, all our programs are deliberately designed and well delivered by our skilled and qualified educators and teachers, while focusing on the holistic development of each child in a safe, inclusive and engaging environment. And there are so much more you can expect your children benefiting from our service:

  • Funded kindy program available for 3- and 4-year-old children at no cost. 
  • A Variety of extra-curricular activities taught by qualified and experienced coaches. Classes including soccer, public speaking, tennis, ballet will be soon available on site.
  • ICT and Digital Resources, let you track your children’s routines, centre events and programs throughout the day easily. 
  • Meals, Nappies, Tissues, Wipes, Hats all provided for children at all ages. 
  • Purposefully-built and spacious building with adequate learning-stimulating and age -appropriate equipment and resources. 


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